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With my ever-going curiosity for printed publications, I soon discovered that something was missing in the content of the magazines and books that were available to me. I had the erg to know what there is behind the paper, moreover who are the people on and off the pages. In 2016, I started to develop Wunder, a journal dedicated to the wonders of human beings with the mission to share stories that shed light on untold topics and the complexity of our society. My research was intensified and I began to collaborate with creatives I admired and reach out to people I was eager to learn more about. 

In the first journal, the focus lies on ‘time and timelines’, featuring portraits of curious minds such as Artist Alicia Kwade, ZeitMagazin-Publisher Christoph Amend, Graffiti-Artist and Burn Victim Julius Gerhardt and Ballet Dancers in various stages of their careers alongside many more. 

For the physical product, the aim is to create a timeless piece of affection, by carefully choosing papers and materials. In addition, Interviews and Contributions are published in German and English. 

wunder01 copy.jpg

Dimentions 240 x 320 x 17 mm 

Weight ca. 1.1 kg

Volume 220 pages

Release Date 2018

Editor-in-Chief & Creative Direction Oliver Tippl

Layout Maximilian Mauracher

Publisher Wunder

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