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 Brot & Salz

Polly moves out and leaves Cologne and her mother’s house behind to set out on new paths in the capital. We want to capture the mood of arrival, of the new and unknown in a subtle way.
Inspired by everyday situations and those we experience when moving into our first flat, the track will take on a cinematic character. Moments such as painting, cleaning or furnishing are subliminally reflected in the story. As the track progresses, it becomes apparent through the styling that Polly is arriving in Berlin and is becoming more and more of an adult figure.
We use Polly’s flat, which has not yet been furnished, as a set and adds to it simply so that the clothes and thus the development and protagonist are in the foreground. 

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Photo Patrice Brylla

Set Design & Art Direction Oliver Tippl 

Location, Date Berlin, 2021

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