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 VOGUE Germany

During the shoot of Karoline Herfurth’s new film “Wunderschön,” actress EMILIA SCHÜLE caused quite a stir after she shaved her hair for the role in one scene and presented it for the first time at an event for Bvlgari. The film aims to tackle the currently very present ideal delusion, which has always existed but takes on a different dimension in the age of social networks. In our production, we present Emilia as a strong woman who does not hide behind her hair or other accessories but reveals her beauty by shaving off her hair. We emphasise this with gradient-like colour on the hair and colour contrasts in makeup. In addition, the setting is in a large, bright room that has a gallery character. In the background and as props are artworks by German female artists. 

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Video Rosali Dinatele& 

Set Design & Art Direction Oliver Tippl 


Location, Date Berlin, 2021

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