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 Folly Unseen (Concept)

In a world of limited and shrinking resources, mass production and fast-paced living, how can we build temporary objects with a good conscience? 

“Unseen” challenges the traditional concepts of object design and architecture. Rammed earth as a choice of material makes the folly temporary as throughout the one-month exhibition the folly will crumble. The earth, gravel, sand and clay will move back to the ground, leaving just a trace of fresh earth, ready to bloom again and making space for future artworks to come.
The semi-circle footprint is inspired by the many circles recurring in the landscape and blends into the natural forms of nature. The shape is designed for the visitors to interact with by touching it, stepping onto it or just sitting down, holding still and enjoying the surroundings. Each visit will be unique and the object will constantly change due to environmental and human influences - until it goes unseen. 

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