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After receiving a red postcard from a close friend a few years back, showing the word ‘Lieblingsmensch’ in mirrored writing, the term kept stuck in my head. It is German for something like ‘favourite human’, as simple as meaningful. We all have them, for some, it is the mother, father, sister or brother, for others a friend, an acquaintance and for even others it might be the pet. What all of them have in common is the ability to be there for us, watching one’s back at any time. 

With the second Journal, we celebrate these humans. They come in pairs, in groups or alone with a mind full of thoughts, advice and endless love. But we also take a look inside and the relationship with the own body with Audrey Williams, who is also transgender and Yuka Tanaka, a nude artist who poses in front of people. During the production of a story on motherhood, we concluded that every mother is a daughter. Most importantly it is clear that relationships come in all forms and ways, between every gender and we need to celebrate them all.

Dimentions 240 x 320 x 17 mm 

Weight ca. 1.1 kg

Volume 220 pages

Release Date 2020

Editor-in-Chief & Creative Direction Oliver Tippl

Layout Maximilian Mauracher

Publisher Wunder

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