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How would design and objects in our everyday life look like if we did not follow instructions but let intuition and improvisations lead our creativity?

The FROSTA stool from IKEA is all about timeless design and a space-saving solution for small spaces through its stackability (among its sudden discontinuation and alleged lawsuit). But taking apart the five pieces—a circular top and four curvy legs made out of plywood— opens a Pandora's box of design ideas. With FROSTABC limitations are embraced, such as the incorporation of parts from one or multiple stools per design, an avoidance of sewing or altering elements, and an acceptance that functionality is not the sole criterion.

This project aims to highlight the untapped potential within IKEA’s designs, advocating for authenticity rather than replication and artistry over mass-produced furniture.

25 “chair” configurations made from the parts of one or multiple Frosta stools.

Design & Research Oliver Tippl 

Supervision Nur Horsanali, Bert Lonsain & Christoph Seyferth

Location, Date The Hague, 2023

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